Tour Stop 2 The Flamingo Cantina Austin, TX

Day 2 of the tour and we’re still in Texas. This state is huge! It took me more than 12 hours from California just to get to Texas and the same amount just to get across it!

The first show the day before was at a little spot called Mango’s Cafe in Houston. It was a small place but the crowd was very enthusiastic. What a great way to kick off the tour. Leaving there we moved the show to Austin.

We arrive at the venue and it didn’t look like much really outside. But then you get in and it’s a wickedly eclectic island overload. It screams Jamaica and that might because of the famous chef cooking up Jerk Chicken and Fish in the back.

Side note as we’re waiting to take the stage. Last week in town was SXSW which is always crazy and this week there was a HUGE relay weekend. When I say HUGE I mean it. Streets are closed and cops are out in force. So everything is going fine and there really isn’t that many people outside but they just keep coming and coming. Within a few hours you almost can’t even see the street. People everywhere just walking around in a zombified state of ecstasy. Just stumbling around for no real reason other than to just be there. It was insane!

Oh you want to know how the band sounded the first night after just flying in. AMAZING of course. Did you really have any doubt? These are professionals people! The energy at both shows was way high and I thank both cities immensely for helping us kick off this tour with gusto!

Next Stop: Santa Fe, NM

Here are some randum images from the show.

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