Join The Street Team!Thank you for expressing interest in joining the Echoes of Kingston street team. The tour is only as strong as the fans who support the wonderful bands and music on the tour. We can’t d it without your help.

If you think you can contribute to the team visit the contact page or scroll to the end and file in the forms below to send an email with your full name, address, phone #, email address, social networks you post to, your favorite local websites, any stores you frequent and what area of promotion you’d like to contribute to. We’ll get back to your shortly.

There are different levels and missions depending on your level of engagement. For instance just posting the shows and inviting your friends to the event page via your social channels gets you one thing but if you put up posters and do more than you get free tickets and music. It’s all going to be fun and easy!

Social Networking is a great way to help promotion an upcoming stop in the tour. Using your blogs, posts, chat rooms, message boards, email lists, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Jambase,, etc. please share with your friends and get them excited about the upcoming show. People want to be with their friends and experience great music. Together we can make it happen.

We have flyer/poster templates on the MEDIA PAGE which can be downloaded and updated for your local show using any image adjustment program OR just ask us and we can update it/ send you the approved image to use as well. We just want it to be super easy for you.

Using these print out some to hand to your friends or put up in the central parts of town and high traffic areas (music stores, campuses, pizza joints, head shops, coffee spots).. Any where is a big help! Even with all the social networking people still love to get flyers! Be sure to always ask the store if you can put them up in the front store window before doing it. Please also make sure there are posters near and at the venue. If you were the band rolling into town for the first time, where would they like to see the posters? Don’t forget to write the date of the show and the name of the venue on each poster with a thick black sharpie pen.

Pre-parties including DJ nights, band events, record store events, film screenings – anything related to the music of Jamaica that we can co-promote with please let us know. We’d love to work something out and will help in any way we can.

We just ask that you keep notes on what you did, what sites you posted to, where you went, etc. We’ll also need you to take some pictures of you putting up posters, handing out flyers etc. Pictures are great for adding to the website and our Facebook page to show people all the cool things happening.

Then just send everything in a report with the information a couple of days before the show in your town. Once we get the report BAM! We’ll hook you up with a FREE SWAG at the show. It’s that easy. Make it fun, involve your friends and let’s have a great party at the show. Missions will be revealed shortly.

Include names and links (preferably local and regional live music sites plus Facebook/ Twitter posts) of at least 5-10 websites that you posted information about the show to.
Invite your friends to the Facebook event page.

Names & photos of at least 5 places posters were hung.

Send us some other ideas! We’re always open to anything that sounds fun and isn’t totally illegal of course that can get something happening in your town. Just hit the contact page and send us your ideas.

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