An echo (plural: echoes) is a reflection of sound, arriving at the listener some time after the direct sound.

The Echoes of Kingston Tour has been gestating for many years. Originally a one day mini-festival held in Silverlake, CA it started at a 3 room venue called Zen Sushi. It was held for 2 years and featured some of the top young artists working in the Los Angeles, CA Ska and Reggae scene.

The venue soon closed down and the festival went dormant. Looking around at the current state of the music, touring and general disinterest of the local market the time felt right to bring something back.

There are a small yet growing and hard working collective of new young bands bubbling up again and wanting to foster that is number one of our list of things to do. So the Echoes of Kingston tour was born.

Our hope and dream is to be able to build this first tour into a yearly event bringing you new and old sounds alike.

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